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Musiciens metal morts...

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Musiciens metal morts... - Page 6 Empty Re: Musiciens metal morts...

Message par Gul Le Ricanant le Dim 29 Juil 2018 - 14:30

La mort d'un de mes musiciens de heavy metal trad' préféré. Paix à son âme et mes sentiments vont à son entourage, sa famille et ses proches.

Mon envie de voir MANILLA ROAD en concert se retrouve désormais compromise.
Gul Le Ricanant
Gul Le Ricanant

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Musiciens metal morts... - Page 6 Empty Re: Musiciens metal morts...

Message par Vilosophe le Dim 26 Aoû 2018 - 19:17

Pour ceux qui écoutent de la musique de drogués...

[size=150]Weedeater Touring Drummer Carlos Denogean Has Died[/size]

The metal world has suffered another loss, as Weedeater report that drummer Carlos Denogean has died. No details surrounding his death have been revealed, but the band posted about Denogean's passing on Saturday (Aug. 25), stating that he had passed died the day prior (Aug. 24).

While Denogean's resume includes work with several bands, he had been sitting in behind the kit with Weedeater on the road since 2017. He had also spent time drumming on tour for ASG and Volture, while in the studio his most extensive work came with the group Salvacion. He had also appeared on Walpygrus' 2018 single "Josie's Talisman."

Weedeater's statement on the death of Denogean reads as follows:

Hi everyone,

There is no easy way to say this. Our dear friend and bandmate Carlos Denogean passed away yesterday. It is with a heavy heart and intense sadness that we bring you this unfortunate news. He left this world far too soon and will be missed immensely by all of us. Anyone that knew Carlos was enamored by his kindness and his warm personality. He was an incredibly talented musician and a real joy to be around. He brought something truly special to the band and we all loved working with him. We simply cannot express how devastated we are by this loss. We don't know any details at this time and we ask that you please leave us to grieve now along with Carlos' family. Thank you for all of your kind wishes. Cherish what you have while you have it.

- Weedeater


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